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The OMEGA-X project includes setting up 4 use cases families that will showcase the value of having a common data space for a particular problem identified by energy stakeholders:


Having renewable plant owners and service providers to optimize operation and maintenance to increase renewable energy sources (RES) availability and reducing CO2 footprint.

This OMEGA-X use case family consists of 3 pilots in Spain (Caravaca/Valles Oriental, La Carlota/Cordoba) and France (Narbonne).

Exploiting data from different energy vectors to optimize the overall performance of a local community, instead of optimizing each vector individually.

This OMEGA-X use case family consists of 4 pilots in Spain (Granollers), Italy (Osimo), Serbia (Belgrade) and Portugal (Municipality of Maia).

Demonstrating how data sharing can ease and scale up services such as booking and building innovative services such as cross-border self-consumption of renewable energy. It will involve the electricity system from charging points to transmission system operators (TSOs), crossborder.

This OMEGA-X use case family consists of 1 pilot in France/Belgium

Aiming to demonstrate the performance upgrade that can be achieved for the flexibility identification and provision at local/municipality level when service providers can have access to extended data sets from multiple origins.

This OMEGA-X use case family consists of 1 pilot in Portugal (Municipality of Maia).