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Orchestrating an interoperable sovereign federated Multi-vector Energy data space built on open standards and ready for GAia-X

An Energy Data Space to boost the European data economy

Large amounts of valuable data are available in energy systems but are often underused. There is no single data platform, for example, connecting data from the generation, transmission, distribution and consumption domains in Europe’s electricity sector or across the various energy vectors – electricity, gas, heat, etc. The barriers also imply the lack of proper mechanisms and policies that ensure secure, sovereign and fair data sharing.


Relying on European common standards, the EU-funded OMEGA-X project aims to implement an energy data space. This will include federated infrastructure, data marketplace and service marketplace, involving data sharing between different stakeholders and demonstrating its value for concrete energy use cases while guaranteeing scalability and interoperability with other data space initiatives.


OMEGA-X will develop an Energy Data Space that enables multiple actors sharing data and services while ensuring privacy, security and sovereignty. This will specifically address the current problem of low availability of data for innovative uses in the energy sector and beyond. OMEGA-X will collaborate with stakeholders to identify where energy-based service improvements and innovation are required, and how OMEGA-X could potentially be used and adopted to address these needs: 

1. This will guarantee that companies and organizations can share their data safely. At the same time, it will help existing market actors (including SMEs and start-ups) to have access to a variety of datasets to improve their AI models, and thus be able to upgrade existing services and/or bring innovative services that otherwise could not be developed. 

2. The availability of data will empower new participants and market roles such as aggregators and local energy community managers. This will facilitate the large-scale penetration of renewables in the local grid without significant investments in grid infrastructure and will also create an opportunity for new business models to emerge.

3. OMEGA-X will put a prominent focus on developing and promoting inclusive and collaborative behaviours, which will lead to a multitude of societal and economic benefits, such as, an increase in energy autonomy and a reduction in CO2 emissions. 

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