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OMEGA-X 5th Plenary meeting in Maia (PT)

The first week of June, OMEGA-X partners met in the north of Portugal in the beautiful city of Maia with a twofold objective: hold a workshop on Business Models for the use cases and meet with the partners to exchange on progress and results in the project and prepare the actions for the remaining year.

The 5th general assembly of the project on, on 5 and 6 June, took place in the magnificent Quinta dos Cônegos. Both the City Councillor for Digital Transition of the municipality, Hernâni Ribeiro and the head of Digital Energy at EDP, Manuel Pio Silva, gave a warm motivating welcome to the participants.

Hernâni Ribeiro, City Councillor for Digital Transition of the municipality: “Maia believes that the participation on European projects is important to support and accelerate the implementation of the city strategy. In a context where the renewable energy production is gaining importance in the energy generation mix, flexibility becomes fundamental to help managing the energy flows and markets. As this component of the system depends mainly on data, Maia expects that the OMEGA-X flexibility pilot will demonstrate how it contributes to the optimization of the energy use of the municipality’s utilities (made possible only by the use of data analytic services). Besides, OMEGA-X is bringing experience among the city departments on gathering efforts to assure data interoperability, paving the way for future needs regarding data systems.”

On the first day, sessions delved around technical aspects, starting with a recap of the situation of the platform after delivering its first version. Then, plans to evolve and improve it in the immediate future followed, as well as thorough discussions on the best approach to take.

The consortium devoted the second day to analyse the SSH aspects, where OMEGA-X had the chance to even get a taste of how another relevant EU project as is Data Cellar addresses these matters. Afterwards, an update on standardization activities and initiatives ensued, complemented with a joint exercise to evaluate how OMEGA-X deals with this topic. The day ended with the results and outlook for the exploitation, communication and dissemination activities.

All in all, a tremendous experience that helped to strengthen the bonds among consortium partners and take steps forward in the achievement of the goals set for the project.