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Sneek preview: the OMEGA-X Marketplace

The marketplace, being the main “entry” point for users in the OMEGA-X Data Space, is designed to connect providers of a wide range of added value services and valuable datasets in the energy domain, with consumers through an intuitive environment. 

Consumers will enjoy a seamless browsing experience in a user-friendly interface, be able to search and contract data or service offerings from a wide list of trustworthy providers. On the Providers’ side, the marketplace offers the ability to publish data and service offerings in the Federated Catalog of OMEGA-X, whilst providing out of the box integration with the OMEGA-X connector.

The OMEGA-X use cases are now being integrated in the MVP (minimal viable product) version of the marketplace. This autumn you may expect the beta version, which will be accessible beyond the project borders. 

The next iteration of the OMEGA-X Marketplace will include also personalized notifications, contract and service management, offer rating, billing/payment functionality and more. Stay tuned!