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Energy Data Spaces Cluster Workshop, Brussels (BE), 13 September 2023

This workshop organised by the European Commission aimed to find common ground, define the roadmap for interoperability, identify use cases, and explore the synergies. OMEGA-X was presented by the OMEGA-X’s leadpartner Eviden (Javier Valino) and partner Tecnalia (Erik Maqueda) alongside its sister projects Enershare, Datacellar, Synergies and Eddie.

A reliable and secure common European data space for energy is a key element of the European Strategy for Data  and the EU Action plan on digitalising the energy system . It will play a key role in increasing the integration of intermittent renewable energy sources and thus advancing towards the goals set by the ‘Fit for 55’ package and the RePower plan. These are plans to support the development of a European framework for sharing energy data and establish a common European data space for energy through the Digital Europe funding programme.

The workshop provided a spotlight on selected national lighthouse projects, how to leverage progress of these initiatives and what synergies could be demonstrated with projects of the European Cluster on ‘Building the grounds for an Energy Data Space’, funded under Cluster 5 of Horizon Europe. The Commission seeks to identify key elements of energy data spaces and establish common ground for a data framework in preparation of a deployment action under the Digital Europe Programme in 2024.

In this workshop the existing projects and deployments, contributing to the development of a common European energy data space, were analyzed and discussed. After European Commission’s introduction on the topic, presentations focussed on specific initiatives of energy data spaces in the European member states as well as ongoing activities of Horizon-Europe projects. OMEGA-X was presented by the leadpartner Eviden (Javier Valino) alongside its sister projects. Successively, the access to data from commercial energy devices (e.g., heat pumps and EV charging), the state-of-the-art of data spaces connectors and the platform for TSOs and DSOs data constituted the topic of the workshops, together with barriers, best practices and opportunities.OMEGA-X is on track to deliver the first version of the operational Energy Data Space by Q1 2024 Stay tuned for updates on this thrilling journey, and let’s continue working together to power the future of energy data!