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OMEGA-X partner meeting: state of play

The OMEGA-X team at the EDF campus in Paris-Saclay (France)

The OMEGA-X partners came together for their second plenary meeting on 24 and 25 January at the EDF Campus in Paris-Saclay, France.  

9 months after the kickoff meeting of the project OMEGA-X in Bilbao all partners met again. This time in France to discuss among others the cooperation with other initiatives and the final details towards a milestone for our project’s first output: First iteration on use cases and architecture. We are thrilled with the level of engagement and progress made during the meeting!


The project has assessed previous months several data space initiatives, sister projects and its use cases, as well as efforts to align with the Bridge initiative.

The data space initiatives that are identified in the first assessment are FIWARE, IDSA, Gaia-X and BDVA/DAIRO and a first synthesis of the results were presented with some promising implementations and technical aspects of interoperability that will be further consolidated during the year. Semantic interoperability was identified as a key factor of success

Also a synthesis of the sister projects initiatives, projects within the same call, was made with regard to the use case families of OMEGA-X: renewables, local energy communities, electromobility, and flexibility. The initiatives concerned are: INT:NET, ENERSHARE, DATA CELLAR, SYNERGIES, and EDDIE. The first round of sister projects assessment has finished and is followed by a consolidation later in the year. The reuse of use cases is key, together with the consideration of granularity (services, data assets, roles, etc.).

The Bridge initiative is an initiative of the European Commission that unites research and innovation projects in the area of smart grids, energy storage, islands and digitalization, to help create a clear overview of cross-cutting issues. The aim of BRIDGE is to share knowledge and expertise between projects, as well as to foster a dialogue on innovation and market regulation, primarily through different working groups in which OMEGA-X is well represented, such as data management, regulation, citizen and consumer engagement and business models. The outcome of the working groups will be embedded in the OMEGA-X project.

Also a sneak preview was given on the handbook for user engagement. This handbook sets the foundations for the holistic and iterative methodology of the OMEGA-X project. The handbook outlines best practices and recommendations for engaging with and involving users and stakeholders in the OMEGA-X project and is particularly targeted at the use case families. The handbook will be available shortly on the OMEGA-X website or you can register to the OMEGA-X newsletter to be sure to receive the handbook as soon as it becomes available.

Data Space Federated Infrastructure and Marketplace

The building blocks for Data Ingestion, Trust And Security are now roughly defined. The work on Data Analytics Services and Digital Twins started recently and involves a close cooperation with the use case families to assure the best possible outcome. The taskforce on API’s and on common information model and semantic interoperability will start shortly . The very first version of a federated data space, data analytics services and digital twins should be ready by the end of the year for use case families to start implementing and integrating the developed solutions.

The work of listing the functionalities of the data and services marketplace is as good as done and a first iteration of Marketplace Mockups will start this spring. The final design of the marketplace is foreseen in autumn.

Use Cases

The use cases belonging to the four use case families (Local Energy Communities, Flexibility, Renewables and Electromobility) have been aligned.

An example of a use case is the sharing of data between local energy communities and renewable energy producers. By allowing for the efficient sharing of data, the integration of renewable energy into the grid can be improved and local communities are empowered to take a more active role in the energy transition.

Another use case is dealing with sharing of data between electric vehicle charging infrastructure operators and energy providers. By allowing an efficient sharing of data, the integration of electric vehicles into the energy system can be improved and the growth of electromobility supported.

10 pilots will be set up during the project duration, divided over 7 countries.

Communication and Dissemination

OMEGA-X has been active during various conferences and events such as ENLIT (Germany), Connected Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities Conference (Belgium) and the Gaia-X summit (France) – check out this link for the recording of the panel session on this event. And so much more moments to connect with OMEGA-X will come… follow us on Twitter and/or LinkedIn to know where and when. To spread the works and realisations to its community even further, OMEGA-X will launch shortly its first newsletter – you can subcribe here.

And last but certainly not least, internal workshops will be organized over the year on topics like business models, scalability and replicability of solutions, IPR , exploitation strategies and standards to train and create awarenes among the partners.

Next plenary session will take place in June/July!