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OMEGA-X on IoT Solutions World Congress ’23: Energy Data Spaces

IDSA (International Data Spaces Association) and Technalia joined together the IoT Solutions World Congress with a booth in Barcelona in the beginning of the year.

Renewable energy

The sites for renewable energy plants are being built in more complex environments, such as offshore or desert locations with high demands on reliability and durability of the plants.

This requires additional knowledge and experience – and data sharing to analyze and learn, as well as to benefit from the collected data. Wind energy data spaces based on IDS architecture were featured at the recent IOT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, demonstrating the importance of data for energy generation.

The energy data space projects like ENERSHARE , OMEGA-X, PLATOON DigitalEnergy Project, and the iniative the Basque Energy Cluster are dedicated to improving the current situation by creating energy data spaces at the European level. These initiatives foster data-driven innovation in the offshore wind energy industry along its entire value chain through secure data sharing. In this way, they advance the decarbonization of the economy.

Learn more in this short video: