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IDSA webinar:The Information Model – key to achieving semantic interoperability, July 20 2023

The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) has organised multiple Tech Talk since the beginning of the year – all powered by OMEGA-X. The most recent one took place in July and provided insights on the Information Model within the IDS reference architecture which is the key to enable trustworthy data sharing between different, decentralized data space parties.

The Information Model defines the common language of the IDS. It is an essential agreement that is commonly applied by the participants and components of the IDS and facilitates compatibility and interoperability. The main purpose of this formal model is to enable the (semi-)automatic exchange of digital resources within a distributed data ecosystem while preserving the data sovereignty of the data owners.

The Information Model therefore supports the description, publication, and identification of data products and reusable data processing software, namely digital resources. Once identified, these resources can be shared and consumed through semantically labeled, easily recognizable services. Apart from these core assets, the information model describes essential components of international data spaces, their participants, their infrastructure components, and their processes.Watch the recordings of this Tech Talk here or browse the previous ones (incl. the slides) here.