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AIOTI REPORT: Edge driven Digital Twins in Distributed Energy Systems

The AIOTI Working Group Energy has published the paper Edge driven Digital Twins in Distributed Energy Systems: Role and Opportunities for hybrid data-driven solutions. 

The paper explores the intersection of Digital Twins and Edge Computing within the context of smart grids in the electricity sector in the EU. The goal is to specifically focus on medium and low-voltage network environments. The use cases’ primary objectives are to enhance visibility for more advanced grid monitoring and management, with a particular emphasis on integrating the grid edge through digital twins. This integration allows for real-time monitoring, enabling advanced grid management methods and creating opportunities for active consumer participation while increasing grids´ capacity.

This paper focuses on edge computing-driven use cases:  including real-time production monitoring, production control; performance prediction at different time scales; human robot interaction for assets monitoring; drones-based monitoring, optimisation of asset management, and production planning. In services related to renewable production power plants, applications of Digital Twin include predictive maintenance, fault detection and various diagnostics, state monitoring, equipment performance prediction, and virtual testing.

Digital twins should enable collection of large data and close-to-real-time data, it should be ensured that digital twins are developed in close coordination with activities on the establishment of European data space in energy: OMEGA-X is being mentioned in the report as one of the related EU projects.

The full document can be found here.